"Monica is absolutely an amazing person. She is professional, knowledgeable and has a passion for skin care. She also takes the time to educate. My facials are always relaxing, rejuvenating and my skin always feels hydrated. I highly recommend Monica. She is the BEST!" ~ Rose B.

"I received a few services from Monica, and it was all superb! I got nearly a full body wax (Brazilian, calves, and underarms), and a facial toward the end. I already love that she is using a cruelty free brand, Dermalogica, and the products smelled amazing on my face! Last time I had a facial was at an upscale salon in the Philippines. It didn't compare to her application and massage technique! I loved Monica's work on me, and she's a very warm person to talk to! She spoke to me about the products, and was able to work on my skin care needs. That matters a lot to me since I deal with oily, acne-prone skin on a day to day basis. I definitely want more! Thank you so much! ~M. Elric

"For being a male, Monica provided a great facial. I received excellent care on my skin. It was soothing and cleansing. I have both combination dry and oily skin. She educated me on my skin type, and how to care for it at home with Dermalogica products. She went through each step, and shared with me exactly how many times I can use each product.

I felt very relaxed and at home with the services I received. The products on my face, plus the facial massage, left me feeling relaxed and confident about my skin care. My self-esteem felt more positive because I work in front of a camera. it's important for me to feel good about how I look with the skin I'm in. To close off, Monica waxed my eyebrows. It was my first time doing both of these services. The facial was so relaxing, and the waxing was quick and painless. I'm very happy with the results because I now have two perfectly even brows! I will certainly recommend Moni's Cheek to Cheek to both male and female!" ~Tyler E.